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March 1, 2010

My dear dancing friends,

After 21 years of uninterrupted operation since 1989, it is my regret that Dancer's Digest will enter unspecified period of hiatus.This heartbreaking decision had to be made due to the publisher's personal challenge caused by prolonged health problems.

Although we cannot promise when we will be back, we can promise your Dancers Digest will be back.

Dancer's Digest has been one and only service both on- and off-line, promoting healthy culture of partner dance and sharing dance information for free or at a minimal cost. We provided professional classes, educated instructors and organized professional events for social dancers since far before social media and Internet became as popular as it is today. We are proud to see many other promoters who followed the suit; we are eager to support and work with all of you again.

The online version of Dancers Digest was a simple and straight-forward newsletter and email alerts: list of who, where and what, to have fun and learn. All the information was submitted by you and put together by volunteers like you. Thanks for making Dancer's Digest your main source for your dance fun.

During this hiatus, I will still shoot out an email alerts every now and then - after all, I am getting information all the time. If you are interested in receiving email alerts, please send me a subscription request with following information: name, area you dance/live/work, and types of dance you are interested in.

Also, I hope I can continue to ask your support of events with special interests, such as "Dancer with Cancer," and fundraising events for special occasions.

I thank you dearly for being my students, associates and friends. Thanks for learning to dance and grooving your life to the rhythm. Until we meet again, please dance for me too. I look forward to joining you in near future.

Warmesst regards,
Zeanie Yoon
Publisher & Executive Director

and staff at Dancers Digest

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